Monday, May 11, 2009

Input needed

For those of you who use baby slings..which ones are your favorites? The place we're registering doesn't really carry them, so I'll probably be buying one or two on my own.

So, maya, moby, mei tai, hot slings, etc..which worked for you and which didn't?

Also, if you cloth diaper..where do you buy yours? I don't mind investing some money in them but want to get a good deal. So far I've only really looked at Green Mountain Diapers. I'm a bit clueless as to how much/what sizes to order. The baby will be in disposables some of the time, when he/she goes to grandparents or to my sil's a day or two a week while I work. But at home, we're going to try to stick with cd-ing.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Disconnected from civilization..

...or so it feels. My just-barely-a-year-old laptop decided to die, right after the warranty ran out. A good friend is being kind enough to build us a new computer, but in the meantime..ack! I did okay for the first week and a half but I'm going through major internet/blog withdrawl! I'm sure its probably a good thing, because I've read about 6 books, done research, and hit some killer garage sales for baby gear..but still!

So I've now got officially less than 3 months until baby is supposed to arrive. Part of me is really excited, the other part is scared to death. But in good news, we are selling our place that we live now! Woohoo! The paperwork has been finalized and as of June 1st we will no longer own the little ( 576 sq ft to be exact) beaten down, extremely vintage ( ie 1972) mobile home that we started out in. So, where are we going to move?

Well..that's a story in and of itself. We've been house hunting for a good 6 months now, and have a very nice down payment saved up. However, our credit scores are still recovering from less than prudent financial decisions of our younger days, so we decided to wait another year or so before buying to give our scores some time to go up.

So...we're moving....4 doors down. An older lady with Alzheimers passed away recently, and her daughter was looking to sell her mobile home. We happened to stop by when they had an estate sale, and got to talking with her. The home is a 1992, so compared to our was downright luxurious. It has been maintained very well, is larger than where we've been, has two nice size bedrooms, a garden tub, lots of closet space, a huge kitchen, washer and dryer, a huge carport and nice shed with a workbench, electricity,etc. The best part? She asked more than we were willing to spend, but liked us enough to ask what we had..and accepted that! So not only will we get to stay close to hubby's work, my work, school ( for both of us)..but we'll pay absolutely nothing more a month than we do now. The little park we live in is in a great neighborhood, and is comprised of mostly elderly people. So as much as I wanted to be in our own house with our own garden right now..this will be much better in the end. We can save more, our credit scores can improve, and I can work less after the baby comes because our living expenses won't go up at all. When the perfect house comes along, we'll be able to say we want it- and be able to afford it.

I'm just so thankful that all 3 of us will have a nice, safe place that suits our needs, and allows us to be better prepared for the things we want down the road. So now its moving time, again- and I'll finally be able to open up and use our wedding gifts! We need to paint, but otherwise everything is move-in ready. The best part- I can finally start putting together a nursery :)