Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Been 'blah' about blogging

I'm not really sure what has taken over me, but for the last few months I just haven't had the desire to blog. I love reading them, but have felt at a loss of what to write about.

A little update on the happenings around my house- we are actually looking for a house. Its been quite the emotional rollercoaster, but I know we will find one that is perfect for us in the end. My husband is looking into getting back into school full-time, which would be wonderful. It is just a matter of finding the right program and the right hours to fit around his work schedule.

On the baby front, things are going quite well, I will be 24 weeks on Friday. For the past 2-ish weeks I've finally felt some movement, which is weird. I won't lie, it feels like I've got an alien inside of me. But...a cute little alien :-) I'm still trying to watch what I eat, because of worries about gestational diabetes. In a few weeks I'll do the glucose screening, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

We are getting closer and closer to being debt free!! Its taken a few months of living on a shoestring budget, but I can't believe how much debt we've been able to pay down in such a short amount of time. Now it will be a matter of keeping the wise spending going, as well as using the money we're not spending on paying off debt- to save.

With the baby coming in early August, financial planning has been a big issue for us. I will be taking the full 12 weeks off of work, and will have enough PTO saved up to pay for about 1- 1 1/2 months of it, which is great. But the rest of the time we will be hurting, so we're putting away money in savings to cover things like health insurance, gas, food, etc. I will unfortunately need to go back to work a few days a week in order to pay for our insurance, and to supplement our income. Once Adam finishes his degree, I won't need to do this but in the meantime it is our reality.( so YAY for him going back to school!)

Now I'm starting to make lists of what baby items I want to register for, and what items I think I can find at garage sales this summer. Also I'm signing up for a local breastfeeding class, so hopefully that will be informative. Any of you natural birth advocates have resources ( books etc) you recommend for coping methods? Lamaze, bradley method, etc. Also..what worked for you? August seems to be coming sooner and sooner, and despite my desire to go drug-free, I know that I'll be nervous and need to plan ahead. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

I think I've rambled enough...until next time!

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Mrs W said...

In my opinion, lamaze is a waste of time unless you want to learn how to hyperventilate so that you will be out of control and the doctors can do what they want. If you want to be in control, I'd suggest bradley. But then, I'm biased. :)