Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Little About Me

I'm probably a little tardy in doing this, since I'm rather new to the blog world...but I wanted to introduce myself and recap some recent happenings. I was married 3 weeks ago to my best friend, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The wedding was planned in 2 1/2 months; and we endured many questions as to whether I child. But no, that was not the case, my sweetheart and I have known each other a long time- and had decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. The proposal happened July 5th, 2008 on our way home from Cornerstone Festival where hubby was so overwhelmed with the need to ask that he simply pulled off the road, in tears, and asked me to be his wife!

So, the insanity, I mean fun, began. First came picking a ceremony location- both of us wanted to be outdoors, in God's creation. The only problem is; we live in Central Illinois and the weather is entirely unpredictable. We settled on September 27th because I've always wanted a Fall wedding, and Adam wanted to get married before it got cold. We just happened to stop out one afternoon at a local lake that he grew up around, and stumbled on the perfect spot.

In case of bad weather, we reserved a tent and got on with the rest of the preparations.

Like Making Invitations

And picking out food.

A friend of my dad's grows the most beautiful Dahlias, and offered to let us use as many as we wanted for centerpieces. My mom and a good family friend, who was my florist, went with me to pick out which flowers we wanted to use.

Isn't his farm beautiful? Behind the Dahlias he has an orchard with every kind of fruit tree imaginable, has pigs, cows and raises turkeys too! That's where we get our Thanksgiving turkey each year and it is yummy.


And a wonderful, but slightly ehm....embarassing bridal luncheon.


Yes, I know I had the cutest flower girl in the whole wide world...Staying up into the night doing never-ending seating arrangements and getting pretty.

....and that pretty much brings you up until the day before...this wasn't intended to be a 5 million picture post, but that's what its become. Next: the Big Day.


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