Sunday, October 19, 2008

So much stuff, so little space

Church and lunch are over, and the hubby is in Chicago at the Bears game. I have the house all to myself...what to do? Oh right, clean. When we moved here we didn't do exactly a bang up job in the organization department ( think stuff thrown in boxes at random) and our spare bedroom paid the price. I'm ashamed to say, it is piled nearly to the ceiling with boxes and random junk we didn't want to deal with at the time.

So, I decided today I was going to tackle the mountain o'stuff, because I'm tired of having to hide that room from guests. Problem is, I've never been one of those type A personalities who has organization down to a science. The room is quite small, with one sliding door closet and that's about it. No shelves, just one tiny built in with two small drawers. Ideally, I'd like it to be a place where our desk, computer, printer and such can sit..and I'd love a place to store our bazillion books. I dragged everything out of there to start from scratch, and I'll try to post some before and after pictures.

Anyone out there live in a space-challenged home and have ideas on how to maximize the square feet available, and keep it nice?

I've got a whole other post in mind about how we stumbled upon this little home and what lessons God's taught me through it, but the mountain I go.

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