Sunday, October 19, 2008

A little something

My hubby and I read this to eachother during our wedding ceremony, and I thought I'd share.

Here I set my face unto you.
Here I speak my heart's true vow.
Here I choose to walk beside you,
loving only you,
my heart speaks true,
for evermore from now.

I will love you in the dawning
and in the bright noon-day,
I will love you in the evening
Every day I live,
my heart I'll give.
I'll love you from my grave.

I have heard God in your laughter,
I have seen Him on your face.
And it's clear now what he's after
for he wrote your name
on my heart in flame;
it's a wound I'll not erase.

We will mount the wings of morning,
We will fly before the wind.
We will dwell within the mystery
of the glories of Jehovah's love,
a circle with no end.

We will pitch our tents towards Zion,
in the shadow of His love.
We will covenant between us,
We will covenant with the earth below
and with heaven up above,
We will covenant with the dust below
and the Spirit up above.

- Thigpen's Wedding, from The Celtic Book of Daily Prayer


Bethany Hudson said...

I love Celtic prayers! Congratulations on your marriage!

Brynna said...

Hey there! You won the Smell Better Butter!!!